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"From Drab To Fab".
Sutton Place is a little village
in a big city.

LOCATION: Sutton Place, NYC


PROJECT: Residential - Private Client



Every neighborhood in Manhattan has its own unique character, but Sutton Place, a cozy neighborhood nestled along the East River between 53rd and 59th Street, offers something completely one-of-a-kind in a city as vibrant as New York—tranquility. In keeping with this, DLAB set out to create a comfy and unique pied de terre emulating a boutique hotel look and experience. Space being tight, we outfitted all perimeter spaces with ample and clever storage so the overall design aesthetic could remain open and minimal. The design is fun, free and easy with aspects pulling from the buildings architectural and organic surroundings. Bold colors and unique, dramatic wallcoverings help enhance an overall modern feel. This gut renovation re-envisioned a small space from drab to fab with a clever use of color, materials and space planning.

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