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"You don't have to
live in luxury, but you should
live luxuriously."

Stephen Mitchell is the creative force behind DLAB - a New York-based firm offering a full range of luxury interior design services for the discerning private client, bringing the signature modern, innovative and organic style to a range of residential and commercial applications. DLAB takes pride in tailoring each project to the uniqueness of our extraordinary clients – DLAB interiors can be project-based or completely turn-key, bringing remarkable ease to the design process. Our projects can be seen in New York, the Hamptons, Las Vegas, and Miami Beach.

I believe the best approach to a project is a holistic one. I work with a diverse team and pull from global resources to complete an all-inclusive and unique Interior for each client. The empty space is my opportunity to visualize the invisible, shaping cognoscente and cohesive ideas between creativity, modernity, and design. Within my design process, I search for symbiotic but sometimes non-conventional relationships, exploring the pairing of calm and chaos, artificial and organic, brutal and delicate realizing the ultimate beauty that together they can create. This philosophy of duality is integral to all my interiors.


My creative process is based on experiment and innovation, exploring new ideas or processes that can transform traditional aspects of design to new heights via innovation. My collaboration and multi-disciplinary approach with artists, architects and artisans further strengthen this signature process. Through my vision, I strive to create a unique and aesthetic environment that each client will feel connected to. I feel strongly that design is linked to our deepest desires, emotions, and our most personal expressions. I look at each project as an opportunity to reach beyond my understanding of past experience and conventional definitions to explore new more diverse ideas in design.


Residential Interior Design

Commercial Interior Design

Retail / Boutique Space Design​

Space Planning


Real Estate Showcasing

Real Estate Staging

Custom Design

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