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Contextualized modern architecture + interiors blurring the lines between inside and out.

LOCATION: Las Vegas 

PROJECT: Residential - Private Client

PHOTOGRAPHER: Bill Timmerman + Zack Hussain

Blurring the line between inside and out has been established throughout this home. Space is not determined by the enclosure but through the idea of space extending past perceived barriers into an expanded form of living indoors and out. Even in this harsh environment, one is able to enjoy this concept through the development of exterior courts which are designed to shade and protect. Reminiscent of the crevices found in our rock formations where one often finds an oasis of life in this environment. DLAB had the challenge of pairing the daring and deliberate use of industrial materials for the exterior with the delicate and sumptuous fabrics, rugs, and organic elements of the interior - the interplay creates a truly striking and inviting aesthetic.

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